​​Single Speed Society

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The Single Speed Society is a loose affiliation of friends, family, and co-workers that enjoy riding. Anyone who has rode with us today, yesterday, last week or last year is part of the society. We are not a club or an organization. No presidents or dues. We only ask for one commitment---to have fun!


The original members of the Society grew up on bikes in Southern California. In the mid to late 70s our group found its outlet for creativity and restless legs---building BMX bikes out of Schwinn Stingray frames and scrounged parts. In later years, BMX bikes gave way to road bikes. During the road bike years, we still had an affair with the vintage Schwinn which lent itself well to the boardwalks and the dive bars we called home.


While enjoying the challenge and competitive nature of road biking, we found the road bike culture a bit stuffy. With the knowledge and surplus parts from restoring vintage bikes, we found a new challenge--- combining the two cultures. So started the first “Surf City 50.” 50 miles on a vintage bike built for speed. Whatever it takes to get there first, provided you don’t pass any bars on the way. Soon after came the sister ride, “The Arizona Beer and Bikes” ride. From the Walmart special to the pre-war Schwinn---even the crazies with gears are welcome. From Old Town Scottsdale to Huntington Beach, someone in the Society is building or rolling a rat rod or racer. If we had a motto it would be... Create. Build. Ride! 

Who We Are